A Note from the Author

The material contained in this site is derived largely from Robert Fleming’s personal and professional papers held in the Music Collection of the National Library and Archives Canada; from scores, recordings, correspondence, and other documents held in the Canadian Music Centre; from letters, newspaper clippings, programs, scrapbooks, and  diaries, originally retained by his parents or his wife, Margaret Fleming; from my own recollections of my father and his work; from a personal collection of Robert Fleming memorabilia, scores, publications, and recordings; and from research work that I have conducted over the past forty years or more. The presentation of this material is informed by my own understanding of Robert Fleming’s life course, his personality and character, his intentions, and ambitions, his personal and professional relationships, his musical creations, and their significance. The content reflects a certain degree of inside knowledge and privileged understanding. The flip side of that is the possibility of bias. I am certainly aware of the hagiographic perils that such an exercise in filial devotion could entail, and shall do my best to avoid them. I welcome others’ comments and correctives. 

Berkeley Fleming, 

Sackville, New Brunswick


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